Fight for Georgia

As members of one Body, the Church, we are called out of the world into a sacred communion with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and through Him, with all who share in the Lifegiving Cup of salvation. Therefore, when one member of the Body is ailing we are called to offer our assistance through prayer and by sharing the many bountiful gift God has given us with those in need. Consider the words of St. John of Kronstadt who writes, "Love your neighbour as yourself, to sympathise with him in his joy and sorrow, to feed, clothe him, if he is in need of food and clothing; to breathe, so to say, the same air with him--look upon all this as the  same thing as feeding and warming yourself…For we are members one of another."

Please consider offering your assistance to one of our sisters in Christ who is now suffering, seeking the Lord's rich mercy for her.