Prayer for Youth Tempted by Drugs

O Lord Jesus Christ, Our sweet Saviour, Who has commanded us,saying: "Love ye one another, even as I have loved you," kindle in my whole being Thy Love for me and my neighbor, that in all things I may do Thy will.

O Holy Lord, keep me and my brother(s) and sister(s), and my friends ever in Thy Holy love and to avoid the temptations of this world. Hear my prayer to Thee now, as I see others around me fall to the ground in pain from drugs and die before Thee.

Grant to us wisdom, guidance, health,and Thy Divine grace, so that we may walk away from the constant daily temptations of drugs.

We Thy Youth, humbly ask Thee to hear our pleas, our tears, our fears,and our prayers unto Thee, O Lord Our God, be ever-merciful unto us, Thy Children who love Thee daily. We, Thy beloved Youth, give thanks unto Thee and ask Thee to show us mercy.