2023 Annual Impact Report

HIGHER CALLING: Clergy Testimonials

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Clergy Leadership Accelerator program in 2023. It is helping me to be better organized while setting and accomplishing parish and personal goals. It also cultivates a deeper sense of unity and collaboration among my fellow clergy in the cohort. 

One of the big projects it helped me accomplish was an initial presentation to the whole clergy syndesmos about stress and burnout in ministry. 

I am also grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Multi-Source Feedback Process (MSFP), which is beginning early in 2024, that will foster constructive input from a broad base of parish leaders and clergy. It will help me tremendously in leveraging my strengths to cultivate growth in all areas of leadership.

God bless you!

+Rev. Fr. Richard “Rick”  Demetrius Andrews, Protopresbyter 

Saints Peter and Paul, Glenview, Illinois

“I am grateful to His Eminence and to the Holy Metropolis of Chicago for offering me the opportunity to participate in Leadership training.  This has allowed me to learn how to work more effectively and to be more productive.  As I was able to learn ways to better communicate with tools that allowed me to hold myself accountable, I quickly noticed that it was contagious to my coworkers.  

Most importantly, these new skills have helped me to focus more on my own spiritual life and on the spiritual life of the parish.” 

+ Rev. Father Chrysanthos Kerkeres, 

St. George, Chicago, IL

My ongoing education has helped me become a more confident and well-rounded leader. There are many skills and experiences I’ve gained that help with not only the day-to-day life of our parish, but also improve forming long term vision and direction. I’m grateful to be able to learn in this capacity with the world-class faculty and resources. I’m looking forward to finishing my degree and offering it to the Church in whatever ways I can.”

+ Fr. John Tsikalas pursuing Master of Nonprofit Administration from Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame

St. Andrew Greek Orthodox Church, South Bend, IN

“Unity in Christ cultivates relationships with family, friends, and neighbors—bearing fruit for vibrant communities and a flourishing Church” – Metropolis of Chicago Vision for Growth 

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