Introducing the first Metropolis of Chicago Cross Town 5K Walk/Run! Our virtual event will be held on Saturday, May 23rd, the weekend typically reserved for the Junior Olympics. This is a time when thousands of parents, young adults and children from throughout the Metropolis come together for athletic competition. Although the Coronavirus pandemic has prevented us from celebrating the Junior Olympics, the Metropolis has created the Cross Town 5K Walk/Run as a way to keep the spirit of the Junior Olympics alive, while adhering to social distancing guidelines set forth by the states in our Metropolis.

The Cross Town 5K Walk/Run provides an opportunity for individuals or same-household families to walk or run through their communities, demonstrating our solidarity and commitment to our faith, while raising financial support for our parishes. We may be separate, but we are united in Christ!


Virtual Cross Town 5K

Participate anywhere - outside or in your own home! Participants are required to comply with all applicable laws, ordinances and orders.

Participants are welcome to choose the time and place on May 23 to walk or run, with the hope that they will fundraise through individual or corporate pledges and/or sponsorships.

Race on your terms. No packet pick-up lines. No canceled events. No crowded race mornings or parking issues.

Share with us your Cross Town 5K Walk/Run experience with photos, videos, or boomerangs on the Metropolis of Chicago's Facebook page with hashtags #SeparateButUnited #Crosstown5k.

Read the registration terms and conditions here.



Step 1: Sign Up

Registration is now open for the Virtual 5K! To register, place your t-shirt order by clicking the button below.

Register Here


What You Get

*You can register up to the day of the event. However, in order to guarantee delivery of a Cross Town 5K Walk/Run t-shirt, you must register by May 10.



Adults - $25, Youth - $20


Step 2: Collect Pledges

Collect pledges by sharing your participation in the Cross Town 5K Walk/Run with friends and family.

Submit Pledges Online Submit Pledges by Mail


Step 3: Pick a Place

Choose the time and place for your walk or run to take place on May 23. When determining your location, be sure to follow social distancing procedures and all applicable local, state and federal laws, ordinances and orders. If you plan to visit a national park, we encourage you to visit to find the latest information on specific park details by state.


Step 4: Walk/Run!

Before you leave for your 5K walk or run, put your t-shirt on (optional) and grab your favorite cross or icon and start moving!

Make sure to capture your 5K with a picture, video, or boomerang with you and your cross or icon. Share your Cross Town media with the Metropolis of Chicago's Facebook, using hashtags #SeparateButUnited #Crosstown5k.



Parishioners across the Metropolis are invited to walk or run through their communities at a time of their own choosing on May 23, while observing social distancing. During the Coronavirus pandemic, as one family in Christ, we can represent our Metropolis and demonstrate how we are SeparateButUnited. 100% of funds raised will flow directly to the parishes most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Become a Sponsor

Become a Sponsor Online Become a Sponsor by Mail



If you cannot join in the Cross Town 5K Walk/Run, consider a donation to the COVID-19 Parish Relief Fund. You can make an online donation below or you can send us a check made payable to the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago, with “Cross Town 5K” included in the memo line, and mail to:

Metropolis of Chicago

555 E. Butterfield Rd., Suite 201

Lombard, Illinois 60148




Please direct all inquiries to or call (312) 736-2280.