Lighthouse FAQs

COVID-19 Questions @ Camp

Q: How are children kept safe during the pandemic while at camp?

A: Carroll University, in conjunction with the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago, has created extensive user group protocols. On a high level, these protocols include:

  • Negative PCR test for participants before arrival at Lighthouse Camp
  • Rapid tests used as needed (after prescreening questions)
  • Prescreening all participants, counselors, and staff before they arrive at camp, upon check-in and every day (morning) at camp
  • PPE always used indoors (outside of eating and sleeping), and outdoors when necessary
  • Social Distancing practiced throughout retreats/camps
  • Only sports and activities permitted under local law, based on the current level of restoration
  • Thorough signage throughout all spaces to ensure safety

Q: What are the sleeping arrangements at camp during the pandemic? 

A: Lighthouse Campers will be housed in ‘quads’. These are apartment-style suites with four individual rooms and a common space. Campers will each have their own room with a twin bed.

Q: What are the mask requirements at camp?

A: Masks will be always required indoors, outside of sleeping and eating. Campers will not be required to wear a mask outdoors, unless physical distancing is not feasible for a particular activity.

Q: How will any potential COVID-19 case be handled? 

A: While we will be diligently using all measures to prevent a case from entering camp, if any camper shows any sign of symptom for COVID-19, they will be immediately quarantined by the camp medical staff, their parents will be contacted, and they will be required to take a rapid test. Contact tracing will be employed, specifically with an infected camper’s apartment and immediate activities. Parents will be notified immediately. After test results, the appropriate measures, as defined by the CDC, will be employed.

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Parent & Camper Questions

Q: Are campers always supervised or do they have fully independent activities?

A: Campers are always under the supervision of the counselors. During free times, campers have the freedom to do various activities, but staff are always monitoring the areas that are free to be used.

Q: How are campers educated on the rules of camp?

A: The rules and expectations of the campers is provided in their welcome packet after they register. High-level rules and expectations are discussed during camper orientation.

Q: Can I/we visit the camp before registration and have a tour?

A: We do not allow for visitors at Lighthouse Camp.

Q: What should I pack for camp? 

A: A full packing list can be found in your welcome packet.

Q: Should I pack snacks/refreshments for my camper?

A: While snacks are not necessary, they are permitted. Keep in mind, Lighthouse Camp is nut free so snacks cannot have nuts, nor can they be made in a facility that processes nuts. For summer camp, campers receive a water bottle, so cases of water are not necessary.

Q: Does my child have to be Greek to come to camp?

A: No. All Fanari Camping Ministries, including Lighthouse, are for any Orthodox Christian interested in having an experience full of faith, fellowship, and fun.

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Staffing Questions

Q: What is the ratio of campers to counselors?

A: We use the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America’s Youth Protection Policy recommendation (12:1) as a ‘floor’ benchmark for ratios, and have a minimum of 10:1 campers to counselors.  This does not account for Leadership Team staff, clergy, and medical staff, which makes this ratio even smaller.

Q: What are the roles of the staff, counselors, and clergy?

A: We have four primary types of staff at Lighthouse:

  • Staff: other staff include the Leadership Team which executes the camp program & staffing, and staff of the St. Iakovos Retreat Center.

  • Medical Staff: we have at least one medical staff on camp at all time to oversee medication distribution, assess and relieve any injuries, and aide sick campers and staff.

  • Counselors: counselors serve one session and are assigned to a specific cabin, and are the primary level mentors, leaders, and safety insurers of the campers.

  • Clergy & Lay Leaders: clergy and lay leaders are present to hear confessions (clergy only), teach Orthodox Life, and lead Bible Study with the campers.  All of them are trained MDiv graduates. Additionally, they are present to build relationships with the campers, counselors, and staff during free time and devotionals.

Q: How old are the counselors?

A: Counselors are at least 22 years old at Lighthouse.

Q: What type of training do the counselors receive?

A: All counselors are required to do three things: (1) attend a training weekend before camp, which includes many aspects of training, including youth mental health red flags, youth protection, and conflict resolution, (2) complete a background check and online youth protection module offered by Praesidium, Inc., and (3) complete 20+ hours of online and in person training.

Registration & Housing Questions

Q: How old do you have to be to register for Lighthouse?

A: You must be a graduating High School Senior to register.

Q: What is the price of camp?

A: You can find the price of Lighthouse (which depends on your timing) at: 

Q: What is the refund policy for Lighthouse?

A: A full refund can be requested through the participant’s CampDoc account. Provided that the request is made at least 30 days before the session begins, a full refund will be granted. If the request is less than 30 days before the session begins, a refund can only be granted if there is a potential Wait List camper that can take the cancelled camper’s reservation.

Q: Are financial grants available?

A: Yes. Grants are available on a need basis, and can be accessed here:

Q: Do campers still get camper shirts?

A: Yes!

Q: How are campers grouped for housing? 

A: Campers are placed in groups of 3-4 individuals who room together in a “quad”; an apartment-styled room with a common space. Each campers has their own room with a twin bed.

Q: Where do I direct my questions concerning registration?

A: We’re happy to assist you with any questions about your registration at If you are having trouble navigating around your CampDoc account, their support staff can help you with any troubleshooting at 734-636-1000 or

Q: Where is drop-off for Lighthouse?

A: Drop off will be at Prairie Hall, 304 W College Ave, Waukesha, WI 53186

Q: How do Fanari Camp payments appear on my billing statement?

A: To avoid any credit card disputes or confusion, please, make note that payments made through for Fanari Camp will display on your account statement as DOCNETWORK LLC.

Have More Questions?

Please contact the youth office at or call 312-736-2285.