Metropolis Council

The Metropolis Council is the advisory and consultative body to the Metropolitan on issues concerning the life and growth of the Metropolis, its ministries, institutions and financial condition. The Council is comprised of the Metropolitan, the Chancellor, eight (8) Clergy of the Metropolis and eight (8) Laity elected by the Metropolis Clergy-Laity Assembly, and eight (8) appointees by the Metropolitan. The full roster is listed below.

His Eminence Metropolitan Nathanael

Very Reverend Father Timothy Bakakos, Chancellor



Pam Argyris, First Vice President

Nick Boosalis, Second Vice President

John Sotos, Treasurer

Gus Kolyvas, Assistant Treasurer

Anne Marie Adams, Secretary



Fr. Tilemahos Alikakos

Harold Anagnos

Fr. Stephen Bithos

Dr. George Bovis

Lori Chiampas

Mark Dinos

Perry Giannopoulos

Fr. Chrysanthos Kerkeres

Dean Kutrumanes

James Lakerdas

Fr. Sotirios Malamis

John Mercuris

Rachael Pontikes

Fr. Ciprian Sas

Fr. Timothy Sas

Yanni Sianis

Dn. Vasilios Smith

Fr. Dimitri Tobias

Chris Varones



Joan Berg, Esq.

Georgia Loukas Demeros, Esq.

Harry Secaras, Esq.

Metropolis Junior Board

Formed in June 2019, the Metropolis of Chicago Junior board is composed of 24 young adult leaders from throughout the Metropolis. Originally conceived by His Eminence Metropolitan Nathanael, the Board’s primary charge is to recommend, develop, and implement policies and programs to encourage greater participation among young adults in the life of the Church, including among lapsed or unengaged Orthodox Christians.

Beyond advising His Eminence, the Junior Board also interacts with the Metropolis Council to help shape Metropolis policy and programs to meet the needs and concerns of youth and young adults. 

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