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Over July 25 and 26 of this year, an important annual meeting for the continued stability of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, took place in the Chicago suburb of Oak Lawn. Yet the overwhelming majority of parishioners are unaware it. The 2017 Allocation Assignment Meeting, the forth such under this current format, was another success and has entrusted yet another year of financial fairness and clarity, balancing the support between all Metropolises and the Direct Archdiocesan District within the United States, equally and openly.
Organized by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America Finance Committee, headed by Chairman George Vourvoulias, Jr. and George Matthews as Treasurer, with assistance of Archdiocese Director of Finance, George Papadakos and Executive Director of Administration, Jerry Dimitriou. The meeting included representation from each of the eight Metropolises and the Direct Archdiocesan District.

Geoffrey Gowan – Metropolis of San Francisco
Stephanie Wilson & Ted Speros – Metropolis of Boston
Very Rev. Fr. George Tsahakis & George Donkar – Metropolis of Atlanta
Harry Raptakis & Elaine Allen – Direct Archdiocese District
H. Steven Poulos & Steve Sellas – Metropolis of Pittsburgh
Bill J. Vranas & Nicholas Karafotias – Metropolis of Chicago
Ted Koinis – Metropolis of Denver
Maria Stefanis & George Pappas – Metropolis of New Jersey
Harriet Stoukas & Louis Kircos – Metropolis of Detroit

Each of these Representatives serve on their own Metropolis Finance Committees and came to the meeting after hours of volunteer work assisting and auditing each of their parishes allocation forms. During the meeting, the Metropolis Representatives pair off and audit the forms of another Metropolis, while theirs is review by another. This “check and balance” system of “I will check your work and you check my work” ensures each of the Metropolises are equally applying the allocation regulations. As such, the allocation required for the church as a whole within the United States to continue is distributed equally amongst each individual Metropolis/District, and as such, each individual parish across this nation. Each of Metropolis Representatives audited the individual Parish Allocation Forms of another Metropolis, the Archdiocese Finance Committee members and staff advised the group and answered all questions or concerns.

The assembled Committee extended to the outstanding host parish of this year’s gathering; St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church of Oak Lawn, Illinois. Father Christodolos Margellos, Parish President Georgia Christakis, Metropolis Council Member Dr. Peter Patsavas, Parish Philoptochos President Voula Dimas, Metropolis Philoptochos Board Member Georgia Sarlas, and Past Parish Philoptochos President Anna Paramboukas all assisted in the tremendous effort by the local parish to make the Metropolis Representatives comfortable during their stay.
The Archdiocese Finance Committee also wanted to state a special note of gratitude to St. Nicholas Parish Member Melanie Chionis and Margo Toscas, who volunteered to serve as Secretaries for this meeting, mainly handling the registration and taking minuets of the meeting. Their volunteer efforts allowed all the participants to focus on the work before them.