Pick Up Your Cross & Follow Me

Pick Up Your Cross & Follow Me (Special Needs)

Pick Up Your Cross and Follow Me is a ministry for those with special needs and their families. Our metropolis has been blessed to have developed this ministry for our faithful with special needs and their families. The goal is to ensure that common stigmas about having children with special needs are diminished and that everyone is comfortable coming into the church and not being judged.

It is our mission to help churches within the Metropolis as well as their ministries to include everyone and provide the support to do so. We encourage all the faithful to keep inclusion practices alive and keep families coming to church. In the past, there has been a separation, and this is not acceptable.

Presvytera Toni Mihalopoulos started the ministry in 2009 and has dedicated her time to the growth of this vibrant ministry. With support from the Hierarchs, Priests, and Laity, the ministry is able to move forward and grow every year. Presvytera Mihalopoulos has made herself available to parishes and ministries to help initiate conversation and help plan inclusion practices, and she will come speak to your community if requested.

The Pick Up Your Cross and Follow Me Ministry has four main events a year: Fall Day Camp, Lenten Retreat, Special Olympics, as well as Inclusion and Participation Opportunities with our Summer Fanari Camp. Besides these four events, we are looking to grow and add more in the future.

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