Rev. Fr. Luke Melackrinos
Director of Ministries and Programs 

Cindy Atsaves

Presvytera Toni Mihalopoulos
Sisterhood of Presvyteres

Fr. Simeon Johnson
Religious Education

Alex Magdalinos
St. John Damascene League of Chanters

Gus M. Pablecas, John G. Manos
Regional Archon Commanders

Dn. Antoun Calash
Secretary to the Spiritual Court

Gail Holguin
Office Operations Administrator

Fr. Rick Andrews
Clergy Syndesmos

Paul Loupakos
Saint Iakovos Retreat Center

Ruth Faklis
Choir Federation

Rev. Chrysanthos Kerkeres
Orthodox Christian Clergy Association

Kathy Katrakis
Metropolis Philoptochos

Steve Savas
Buildings, Projects and Architecture (BPA) Chairman

Our Expanded Team

In addition to our talented staff, the Metropolis of Chicago works with incredible volunteers, contractors, consultants and advisors. 

Thanks to the Hellenic Foundation Chicago, The Metropolis of Chicago has been able to expand the Communications Team and utilize more advanced messaging capabilities. We thank them for their support!