Strengthen Stewardship Now & Forever

Strengthening Your Parish’s Stewardship Program

About Strengthen Stewardship Now & Forever

The “Strengthen Stewardship Now & Forever” program is designed to help parishes instill the value of stewardship as a way of life, as a path to greater spiritual growth and as a source for strengthening faith for Orthodox Christians.

Stewardship is the natural outgrowth of a parish’s efforts to reach out, welcome and engage its parishioners in the life of the Church. The program and this page offers guidance to parishes for inspiring generosity among the faithful.

Monthly Stewardship Calls

Next Meeting:

June 6  |  7pm  |  Virtual Meeting


Key Elements of  Successful Stewardship: Ownership, Engagement and Generosity.

The focus of the June meeting will be on Engagement and will include: 

  • Deeper Dive into Engagement
  • Breakout Sessions for sharing ideas
  • Full Group Sharing 

The Strengthen Stewardship Now & Forever team of the Metropolis of Chicago offers a mix of presentation and questions for reflection, with a focus on practical application for parishes. 

May Meeting

Understanding Ownership, Part 3
For the May 2023 meeting, we continue to explore Ownership. This month, Guest Speaker George T. Orfanakos presents. Pete Nassos of Saint Athanasios also shares how he has applied the SSNF to his Parish. 

April Meeting

Understanding Ownership, Part 2
For the April 2023 meeting, we explore Ownership. We talk through trust-building: confidentiality, transparency, and accountability before going into breakout sessions and ending on full group sharing. 

March Meeting

Understanding Ownership
For the March 2023 meeting, we explore Ownership. We take a deep dive into the topic before going into breakout sessions to share ideas, and returning for full group sharing.

February Meeting

An Introduction to Strengthen Stewardship Now & Forever 2023
For the February 2023 meeting, His Eminence will present opening remarks. An overview of the long-term stewardship plan and of the first Tuesday monthly meetings will follow.

November Meeting

Money and the Gospel 
Dr. Andrew Geleris, author of ‘Money & Salvation: An Invitation to the Good Way’,  discusses the topic of Money and the Gospel.

October Meeting

A Practical Guide to Creating Stewardship Materials for 2023 
Diakonissa Alexandria Kalina will discuss a how-to, hands-on approach to making a parish’s Stewardship package. 

September Meeting

Planned Giving in your Parish 
Stacey Stathulis & Father Jim Kordaris will make a presentation on Planned Giving – a natural extension of stewardship – and the opportunity it presents to your parish.

August Meeting

Strengthening our Relationship with God through Stewardship
William (Bill) Morrison of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese was our special guest presenter for the August meeting.

May Meeting 

Taste and See: An Introduction to Cultivating Generosity in Parishes
Meredith McNabb of the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving at IUPUI was our special guest presenter for the May meeting.