Visitor Policy

Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago Policy Governing Personal Visitors

This Policy shall be known as the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago Visitor Policy (the “Policy”) and shall apply whenever an employee or volunteer must host or receive visitors on Metropolis premises or at any Metropolis sponsored or hosted event for any purpose. This Policy shall be made available to all employees and volunteers, published on the Metropolis website and included with any other Metropolis communications, such a registration materials, when appropriate.


The Metropolis implements this Policy to maintain the health and safety of employees, volunteers and visitors, to confirm that employees and volunteers are not distracted from the work, tasks or activities they are performing due to the presence of visitors, and to minimize exposure to danger and accidental injury to employees, volunteers and visitors. Visitors may pose threats to themselves and others, and to property on the Metropolis Premises.


“Visitors” include the friends and family of employees and any other non-employees or non-volunteers accessing Metropolis Premises. Visitors include contractors, vendors, stakeholders and members of the public accessing the Metropolis Premises. Visitors do not include persons under the age of 16 who have properly registered to attend Metropolis events where the Metropolis or the event organizer will provide appropriate supervision for registrants or attendees (e.g., Fanari camp, GOYA events, etc.). All visitors, registrants and attendees of Metropolis events will be expected to follow any additional visitor protocols particular to the location of the event.

“Metropolis Premises” includes any space at which the Metropolis conducts business or hosts activities related to the Metropolis’ mission. Metropolis Premises specifically includes the Metropolis business office and any other venues at which the Metropolis hosts events including camps and conferences. At conferences, meetings and similar events, the Metropolis Premises is limited to the meeting rooms, conference areas, and any other space specifically designated for the Metropolis event. In this context, the Metropolis Premises does not include public areas such as a hotel restaurant or lobby.

Procedures for all Visitors

The following rules apply for all Visitors:

  • Registrants and attendees of any Metropolis sponsored conference, meeting, lecture or other event are required to follow this Policy within the Metropolis Premises.
  • Visitors must report to the designated lobby, registration area or other visiting area to sign-in. It is imperative that visitors sign-in with their full name and arrival time, and identify the employee/volunteer they are visiting. Visitors must sign-out upon departure to confirm they no longer are present on Metropolis Premises.
  • Visitors may be asked to provide a form of identification and are expected to abide by all rules and regulations in effect at the location they are visiting.
  • An employee or volunteer must accompany visitors while on Metropolis Premises. Visitors under the age of 16 are not permitted on Metropolis Premises unless accompanied by a parent or guardian who will be responsible for monitoring their activities at all times. Children of an employee or volunteer under the age of 16 may visit the employee, but the employee is solely responsible for escorting the child at all times and monitoring the child’s activities and whereabouts. An employee or volunteer may not ask or assign another employee or volunteer to oversee or monitor their underage visitors.
  • Visitors are allowed on Metropolis Premises during normal work hours only unless prior written approval is secured from the Metropolitan, the Chancellor, the Youth Director or the Executive Director.


Personal Visitors

Employees and volunteers should discourage personal visitors on Metropolis Premises. In the event that an employee or volunteer hosts a personal visitor, it is preferred that this visit occur in public or common areas of the Metropolis Premises, such as the lobby or outdoors. Personal visits should be kept short. Visitors may not access or wander the Metropolis Premises without the escort of the employee or volunteer they are visiting.

Where a Metropolis event requires an employee or volunteer remain on Metropolis Premises overnight, overnight visitors are not permitted without prior authorization from the Metropolitan, the Chancellor, the Youth Director or the Executive Director. Permission for overnight visitors will be kept to a minimum and granted only in circumstances where good reason exists for the overnight stay.


An employee or volunteer may not receive personal deliveries at Metropolis Premises. In the event an employee or volunteer schedules a delivery directly related to a Metropolis event (such as supplies or catering), the employee or volunteer should notify the appropriate Metropolis representative of this scheduled delivery so that reception or other personnel can be notified to receive or direct the delivery.

In certain circumstances, the Metropolis, at its sole discretion, may designate parts of the Metropolis Premises as restricted areas. Visitors are not permitted in restricted areas under any circumstance.

Unauthorized Visitors

All employees and volunteers are responsible for keeping the Metropolis Premises safe. In the event an unauthorized visitor is identified, the visitor will be escorted from the Metropolis Premises. Employees and volunteers should exercise appropriate caution with unauthorized visitors. When appropriate, employees and volunteers should call 911 or contact proper security authorities.

Disciplinary Action

Employees who violate this Policy shall be subject to disciplinary action including termination from employment. Volunteers who violate this Policy may be suspended from volunteer activities and/or prohibited from future volunteer opportunities.

The Metropolis, at its sole discretion, may update, modify or rescind this Policy at any time without prior notice. The Policy will be enforced consistent with any applicable federal, state and local laws. Questions about this Policy should be directed to the Executive Director.


Adopted July 13, 2022

Metropolis Council

Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago