Our Mission

The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago is a Christ-centered community that loves, guides, engages and serves all people.

Taking to heart the Lord’s often-repeated instruction to “be not afraid,” Orthodoxy, at its core, relentlessly bears witness to Beauty, Love, and Truth. Beauty typically takes the lead for Orthodox Christians. Our churches stand out as spaces that elevate and inspire, and our worship connects ancient, modern, and eternal through prayer, music, and visual beauty. Dostoevsky famously stated: “It is beauty that will save the world.” For Orthodox Christianity, this is absolutely true—not in the sense that beauty replaces God, but in the sense that beauty is grounded in God as Creator and, as such, beauty always has the potential to lead us toward God.

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“If we walk in the light, as God is in the light, then we also have communion with one another …”

1 John 1:7

Our Ministries: Faith in Action

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The ministries of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago represent the works of the Church and are created on both the diocesan and parish levels to meet the needs, concerns, and expectations of the faithful as well as to positively impact parish communities. In short, ministries are the Christian faith in action. The Metropolis of Chicago maintains several ministries focused on outreach, athletic, musical, fraternal, and cultural ministries, to name a few. All provide the opportunity for laypeople and clergy to come together and grow spiritually in fellowship, service, and community.

  • Youth & Young Adults

    Youth & Young Adults

    Through a broad range of programs and initiatives, the ministry works to cultivate the next gerneration of faithful.

  • Philoptochos


    The philanthropic heart of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese is dedicated to uplifting those in need.

  • Archons


    The mission of the Order of St.
    Andrew is to defend the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

Our Parishes

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The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago is the diocese of and for the Greek Orthodox faithful in the Midwest.

The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago supports and represents over 60 parishes through the midwest.

Together, we comprise a Christ-centered community that loves, guides, engages, and serves all people, both Orthodox and non- Orthodox alike.

We welcome you to join us in prayer.