Greek Orthodox

Metropolis of Chicago


“The Metropolis of Chicago Foundation represents a rare opportunity, not only to support and grow our faith today, but to have a far-reaching, multi-generational impact.” 

– His Eminence Metropolitan Nathanael.

The purpose of the Foundation is to create an endowment for the Metropolis of Chicago that will provide stability and transparency for donors and generate funds that expressly advances the mission and long-term vision of the Metropolis of Chicago. The Foundation also will exist to provide the necessary resources to sustain and grow Orthodoxy for generations to come.

In 2021, the Metropolis received final approval to establish a foundation to support the long-term financial security of the Metropolis and its parishes. The Metropolis first presented its intention to create the Foundation at the 2019 Clergy-Laity Assembly, where it received the approval to proceed with the concept. For the next two years, the Metropolis prepared the Foundation’s governing instruments and obtained the necessary approvals from the Archdiocese. At the 2021 Clergy-Laity Assembly, the Metropolis presented the governing structure, purpose, and guiding principles of its proposed Foundation. After extensive discussion, the delegates unanimously approved the formation of the Foundation under Illinois law.

On May 20, 2022, the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago Foundation (Foundation) was formed as a separate Illinois not-for-profit corporation. It is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. The funds raised by the Foundation will be subject to spending restrictions and the board of directors will develop policies for investment, gift acceptance, and conflicts of interest to ensure that the endowment is governed in accordance with its bylaws and applicable federal and state laws.

The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago Foundation is a public charity organized under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3). Donors can deduct contributions made to the Foundation pursuant to IRC Section 170. The Foundation’s EIN is 88-2472996.