Strategic Growth

Metropolis of Chicago Strategic Growth

“It is my deep-seated belief that, through our work, we will come closer to Christ who offers direction in our lives (the way), reveals something real to us (the truth), and gives us something that is eternal (the life). These are the greatest gifts we can receive ourselves and give to others.”

— His Eminence Metropolitan Nathanael 

Through countless conversations, including in-depth interviews with several lay leaders, exploring parish needs, and consultations with professionals, the Metropolis of Chicago has established the plan for strategic growth.  Our Mission, Purpose, and the Vision for Growth are an expression of what we most desire and hope to achieve in the future as a faith community. 



Unity in Christ cultivates relationships with family, friends, and neighbors—bearing fruit for vibrant communities and a flourishing church.  Learn more >>


The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago seeks to bring all people to Christ. 


To share unconditionally Christ’s love and mercy with the world. 


Christ-Centered   |   Humility    |   Love   |   Service   |   Candor   |   Adaptability 

Timeline of Strategic Growth

  • 2018: The Ordination of His Eminence Metropolitan Nathanael


  • 2018: Beginning of Season One, “Building Trust”


  • 2019: Strategic Planning — Phase One, Learn more >>
    • 16 Strategic Task Force Teams are created to advance the mission, vision and values of the Metropolis of Chicago
    • Areas of focus: Fellowship & Welcoming, Accountability, Ministries & Education, Innovation, Leadership, Involved Youth & Emerging Adults, Engagement in Critical Issues, Stewardship


  • 2023: Beginning of Season Two, “Building Relationships”


  • 2023: Strategic Growth — Phase Two
    • Founded upon the incredible work done in Phase One, the Metropolis of Chicago Vision for Growth is established
    • Areas of focus: Develop Clergy, Support Parishes, Expand Philanthropy, Increase Engagement, Fuel Growth
    • Prioritizing “Familiar Relationships”, “Expanded Relationships”, and the “Fruits of Relationships”




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