Buildings Projects and Architecture Committee

The Buildings Projects and Architecture Committee (BPA)

The BPA works with Parishes to review and offer guidance on projects affecting a Parish Campus, ecclesial furnishings, or iconography that requires the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Nathanael. 

The committee aids in receiving approval by Parish Stewards, obtaining financial feasibility, project planning, bid review, and more. There is no cost to the Parish for BPA services.  After careful review of a project submission packet, the BPA Team provides recommendation to the Chancellor regarding the request for the Metropolitan’s approval of the Project. 

Ready for Review?

Parishes seeking the Hierarch blessing should send the completed BPA Submission Packet to

When to Seek Review and Hierarch Blessing (Approval)

Projects requiring submission to the BPA are: 

  • Any project or combination of related projects pertaining to building maintenance, replacement or repair costing $20,000 or more
  • Any contemplated selling, acquiring, leasing, trading, or changing of title to real estate
  • All areas dealing with iconography and liturgical/ecclesial furniture, fixtures or equipment, regardless of costs 

Sample projects include: 

  • Roofing repairs and/or replacement
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Replacement
  • Parking lot repairs or replacement
  • Lighting (indoor or outdoor including but not limited to parking lot) modifications or fixture replacement
  • Audio Sound system install in Altar/Nave/Community Center areas
  • All environmental matters including, but not limited to, asbestos, underground tank(s) or contaminated dirt
  • Concrete replacement 
  • Building Structural matters, including brick, windows, tuckpointing, masonry, etc.
  • Floor Resurfacing, including but not limited to carpeting
  • Any contemplated selling, leasing, trading, title change or acquiring of real estate
  • All areas dealing with Iconography and liturgical items
  • Any other project or undertaking with expenditures 

Share a Project

Has your parish recently completed a BPA approved project or improvement? Share your before and after photos and you may be featured on our website, social media accounts, or a Metropolis newsletter email.

The BPA Committee

The BPA works with a range of professionals to offer the best advice to Parishes, including experts in the domains of architecture, site-engineering, mechanical, structural, plumbing, acoustics etc. 

2024 BPA Committee Members

His Grace Bishop Timothy Bakakos
Very Rev. Fr. Dionysios Anagnostopoulos
Fr. Ciprian Sas
Steven Savas, Chair
Richard (Dick) Andron
Joan Berg
Nick T. Boosalis
Norman Eckstaedt
Peter Karonis
Dean Kutrumanes
John Manos
John Mercuris
Paul Rentzelos
John Vranas


If you wish to discuss a project, please include Steve Savas, Chair of the BPA at:, or 312-315-9797