Strategic Planning – Phase One

The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago and her parishes face a number of challenges, both internal and external. Only by reaching clarity and consensus to address these unique challenges as a unified body can we more fully live our faith and give meaning to Christ’s Great Commission to “make disciples of all nations.”

Strategic planning is a proven process for doing this holy work. It finds its roots in the Holy Gospel and it follows the exact process our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ developed for his Apostles, as well as current best practices. Several milestones have been achieved, including the development and adoption of mission, vision and values statements. Moreover, a great many volunteers have been recruited to implement change so that the Metropolis’ parishes grow and remain vital in the lives of the faithful.

The faithful of the Metropolis are encouraged to volunteer their time and talent and join one of 16 Strategic Task Force Teams. 

  • 1.1 Clergy Wellness

Co-Captains: Mary Zaharis and Fr. Rick Andrews

  • 1.2 Clergy Development

Co-Captains: Paul Karos and Tom Kanelos

  • 2.1 Metropolis Communications Plan

Co-Captains: Dcn. John Suhayad and Ali Gerakaris

  • 2.2 Metropolis Technology Plan

Co-Captains: Louis Karagiannes and Stacy Marakis

  • 3.1 Youth Religious Education

Co-Captains: Kathy Michalarias and Alexandra Smirniotis

  • 3.2 Adult Religious Education

Co-Captains: Fr. Symeon Johnson and Taso Tsiganos

  • 4.1 Parish Council, Ministry and Youth Leadership Program

Co-Captains: Demetri Fardelos and Harry Fournier

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  • 5.1 Family Ministries

Captain: Vanessa Clohessy

  • 5.2 Seniors Ministries

Captain: Chrystalla Daly

  • 6.1 Best Practices Metropolis Operation Plan

Co-Captains: Melpo Murdakes and Perry Giannopoulos

  • 6.2 Ministry Accountability, Performance & Improvement

Captain: Eleni Lanzourakis

  • 7.1 Comprehensive Parish Stewardship Ministries Program

Co-Captains: Perry Siatis and Demitris Katsamberis

         – Learn more about the Strengthen Stewardship Now & Forever Program 

         – Download the Program Plan

  • 8.1 Welcome Ministries

Co-Captains: Eleni Lanzourakis, Greg Gerontes, and Angela Mejdrich

  • 8.2 Outreach & Evangelism Ministries

Co-Captains: Tom Kanelos and Fr. George Pyle

  • 9.1 Enhanced Worship & Parish Engagement & Accessibility

Captain: Alexandra Noon

  • 10.1 Comprehensive Youth & Emerging Adults Ministries

Captain: Angie Bithos

Get Involved

The work of the strategic planning process will unfold over the next three years and, above all, needs servant-leader volunteers to realize its goals in a timely and efficient manner.