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The Giving Tree allows everyone a chance to participate directly in our mission. The Tags represent an area of need to help with our annual fund expenses. This helps pay our bills in each of these areas and for the staff to serve and maintain these areas for our 3,000 guests and visitors each year.

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  • Barn and Animals – help us pay for feed and care of the animals. Vet bills, cleaning supplies, maintenance of the barn, food for the animals

  • Marina, Friendship Lake and Water Recreation, dock and lake maintenance, fishing gear, boat gas and parts, supplies, life preservers etc.

  • Life Giving Spring Chapel – the heartbeat of our organization, serving the faithful and youth and adult education.

  • The Lodges, and Cottages – friendly places to stay for warmth and comfort, filled with fellowship and fun. Come for a day or stay for a week. Gifts cover expenses like; maintenance, utilities, supplies, improvements, vendor contracts, kitchen areas, etc

  • Outdoor Sports Fields and Recreation – Help us maintain our beautiful grounds and multiple open areas for sports and play.

  • Hiking Trails – Over 2 miles of pristine hiking trails through a pine forest, with 16 Proskynitaria contemplation stops along the way. Help us maintain these paths for use and safety and keep our Proskynitaria clean and repaired.


The St. Iakovos Retreat Center is a 137-acre retreat facility located in the western corner of Kenosha county in beautiful Kansasville, WI.

Settled on the 11-acre Friendship Lake with over 50 acres of pinewood forest, the St. Iakovos Retreat Center is a unique facility offering a quiet setting for overnight retreats and camps as well as a joyful environment for celebrations such as weddings and family reunions.

Activities available on the grounds include softball, soccer, basketball, grass and sand volleyball court, tennis, hay wagon rides, boating, outdoor pool, trail walking and hiking, campfires, barn visits, and animal feedings.

Be a part of the St. Iakovos Retreat Center’s Legacy

Honor your family,  children, grandchildren, business, corporation, association or provide a lasting tribute or memorial for a loved one by purchasing a personalized brick that will be installed on the grounds of the Retreat Center! To learn more, visit:


Interested in hosting an event?

The unique facility offers a peaceful setting for overnight retreats and camps as well as a joyful environment for celebrations such as weddings and family reunions. Corporations and businesses can host strategy planning, workshops and conferences. Additionally, the retreat center offers state of the art Sports Fields and Activities. With natural beauty and outdoor space to learn, grow, and relax, St. Iakovos Retreat Center offers you the perfect setting for your personal and group needs.


Family Synaxis Supporters

The Saint Iakovos Retreat Center has been generously supported by the Hellenic Foundation Chicago and other donors. We thank them for their support!




920 224th Ave

Kansasville, WI 53139



Contact Person: Arun Modayil

(p): 262-864-9090

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