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Federation of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians Metropolis of Chicago

Dear Reverend Fathers and Parishioners:

The Federation of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians – Metropolis of Chicago is pleased to announce the introduction of the Michael B. Petrovich Memorial Scholarship. Among his many and varied accomplishments, Dr. Petrovich (1922 – 1989) served as a distinguished history professor at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and long-time choir director at Assumption Greek Orthodox Church of Madison, Wisconsin. To this day, many of our Orthodox choirs continue to sing the beautiful liturgical music he composed and gracioulsy left as a part of his legacy.

The Scholarship will be awarded to one parishioner of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago who is seeking a Bachelors of Arts degree or higher in Music Theory, Music Composition, Voice, Choral Music, Byzantine Chant, Choral Conducting, Piano, Organ, Music Education, or other related field of study deemed appropriate by the scholarship committee. The parishioner must be a graduating high school senior or currently-enrolled college student.

The Scholarship is made possible through the Michael B. Petrovich Memorial Scholarship Fund, which is administered by the Federation and recognizes the importance of educating and training its church musicians. It is expected that the Scholarship recipient will use this training, in part, in service to the Greek Orthodox Church and its ministries.

Included with this letter are the Guidelines and the Application for the Scholarship. It is our hope that you will pass this information along to those who might be interested. The Scholarship recipient will recieve a one-time award in the amount of $500.

The deadline for submitting the Application is April 1, 2018. The Scholarship award recipient will be notified on June 1, 2018.

Thank you for your assistance, and please do not hesitate to contact Audrey Polite ((219) 742-7679/ if you should have any questions after reviewing the enclosed materials.


Nick Chimitris, President

Federation Board of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians

Metropolis of Chicago

Audrey Polite, Chairperson

Michael B. Petrovich Memorial Scholarship Committee