The Metropolis will host its inaugural Servant Leadership Awards Dinner on Friday, May 1, 2020 at the Cotillion Banquets in Palatine, Illinois. On that date, the Metropolis will gather as one to recognize laypersons from our parishes who have distinguished themselves for their acts of service, leadership and innovation on behalf of our Holy Church. His Eminence Metropolitan Nathanael wishes to use this occasion to formally acknowledge and reward the hard work and achievements of the lay servant leaders in our parishes, and hopes that by highlighting their efforts, others will be inspired to get involved in the life of the Church.


Tickets to the Servant Leadership Awards Dinner will go on sale in February. 


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Purpose:  The purpose of the Metropolis of Chicago Servant Leadership Award is to honor lay stewards from within the Metropolis who have demonstrated exceptional and innovative servant leadership and in so doing, inspire others to get involved in the life of the Church.

The Parish Awards:

  • Each parish from within the Metropolis shall select one lay steward who demonstrates the qualities of Service, Leadership and Innovation to receive the Bronze Cross of the Metropolis.
  • The criteria for receiving the Metropolis Bronze Cross are as follows:
    • Outstanding service within the parish and/or in the greater community
    • Exceptional leadership qualities
    • Innovative manner of service
    • Recipients must be stewards (or children of stewards) in good standing of the parish

Parishes shall have broad discretion to apply the criteria in a manner they deem appropriate, provided that the process is evenly applied, fair and objective. Committee members must recuse themselves from considering any nominee to whom they are related through marriage, family (including koumbario) or business relationship.

  • Each parish shall assemble a committee to select the recipient of the Metropolis Bronze Cross.
  • The committee shall open a nomination period for parishioners to nominate stewards from the parish to receive the Bronze Cross. The nomination period shall be no less than four (4) weeks and shall be publicized through the parish Sunday Bulletin, the parish website (if applicable) and through all other reasonable means to ensure that parishioners become aware of the nomination opportunity.
  • Each parish shall announce the winner of the Metropolis Bronze Cross and honor the achievements of the recipient.



December 2, 2019-January 1, 2020: Each parish shall (1) establish an Awards Committee and a process by which to select a Metropolis Bronze Cross recipient, and (2) notify their parishioners about the nomination and awards process.

January 2-February 14, 2020:  Parish Committees shall review nominations, hold interviews and make selection decisions. Award recipients shall be properly honored and celebrated within the parish community.

February 14, 2020:  Parishes shall submit the names of their Metropolis Bronze Cross recipients to the Metropolis.

February 15- May 1, 2020:  The Metropolis shall select up to six (6) Metropolis Bronze Cross Recipients to receive a special plaque from the Metropolitan for exceptional service.

February 16, 2020:  Parishes must announce their recipient for the inaugural Service Leadership Award after Divine Liturgy. Honoree must be present at church during the announcement. 

May 1, 2020: Metropolis Servant Leadership Awards Dinner. The Bronze Cross and plaques from the Metropolitan will be officially bestowed at the Dinner.


The Metropolis looks forward to working with our parishes to inspire greater service, leadership and innovation by the laity, and to support Metropolitan Nathanael’s vision of growth and change for our Holy Metropolis.



Download: Metropolis of Chicago Servant Leadership Awards Process

For more information regarding this event, please email GoMetBanquet@gmail.com or call Vicki Karl, Executive Director, at (847) 264-8357.