Servant Leadership Awards

His Eminence Metropolitan Nathanael created the Servant Leadership Awards as a way to honor lay stewards from within our Metropolis who have demonstrated exceptional and innovative servant leadership and in so doing, have inspired others to get involved in the life of the Church. In 2020, each parish from within the Metropolis was asked to select one lay steward who demonstrates the qualities of Service, Leadership and Innovation to receive the Bronze Cross of the Metropolis. The selection criteria, process and timeline were provided by the Metropolis for the parishes to follow to ensure uniformity and fairness. In the spring of 2020, the recipients of the Bronze Cross were selected by our parishes.

The Bronze Crosses were to have been bestowed on the recipients by the Metropolitan at the Servant Leadership Awards Banquet, scheduled for May 1, 2020. However, the COVID-19 physical distancing restrictions imposed by the State of Illinois prevented that Banquet from being held. As a result, His Eminence began bestowing the Bronze Crosses to the recipients in person, either at their homes or their parishes.

The Metropolis is proud to congratulate the following individuals who have demonstrated outstanding servant leadership and who will receive the Bronze Cross from His Eminence Metropolitan Nathanael.

The Metropolitan Visits Recipients

Due to the cancellation of the Servant Leadership Awards Banquet, His Eminence Metropolitan Nathanael decided to make home and parish visits to the recipients and bestow the Bronze Cross – starting with Minnesota! Note: Visits by the Metropolitan are still in progress. Revisit this page for new updates in the upcoming weeks.

Videos from Visits

Photos from Visits

Copy of HF One Week Reminder

Metropolitan Nathanael Blesses Servant Leaders in Missouri & Swansea, Illinois

Photo gallery

Visit #5: 2021 Servant Leadership Awards (Illinois)

Visit #4: 2021 Servant Leadership Awards (Illinois Visit)

Copy of HF One Week Reminder

Visit #3: 2021 Servant Leadership Awards (Iowa & East Moline, Illinois)

Photo gallery

Visit #2: 2020 Servant Leadership Awards (Missouri & Swansea, Illinois)

Visit #1: 2020 Servant Leadership Awards (Minnesota)

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For more information regarding this event, please email or call Vicki Karl,
Executive Director, at (312) 736-2280.