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“O Savior, sinner that I am, do not cut me down, like the unfruitful fig tree. But this year grant me forgiveness, and water my soul with the tears of my repentance, so that I may bring to You as fruit, charity and acts of mercy.” – Stichera Hymn for Compunction, Vespers of Forgiveness

This first week of Great & Holy Lent, consider the power of asking forgiveness, an act that helps us to bear fruit as Orthodox Christians. Make room in your schedule to reach out to a family member or friend whom you have wronged to both forgive them and ask their forgiveness sometime this week.

This Week’s Sermonettes by Clergy

“Call to Forgiveness”
By: V. Rev. Fr. Simeon Johnson (St. Andrew Greek Orthodox Church – Chicago, IL)

Great Lent 2021: A Time of Repentance and Renewal
By: Rev. Fr. Chris R. Mihalopoulos – St. Nectarios Greek Orthodox Church (Palentine, IL)