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When there is a royal procession, the king’s scepter and banners precede him, he then appears himself, radiant and joyous in his victory, causing his subjects to rejoice with him. So then our Lord Jesus Christ, desiring to show His sure victory over death and His glory on the day of the Resurrection, sends His scepter before Himself, the sign of His kingship, the life-giving Cross, to gladden and refresh us, as it greatly fortifies and enables us to be prepared to receive the King with all possible strength, and to praise Him in His radiant victory.” – Synaxarion for the Veneration of the Holy Cross

The Cross is held up in the middle of Lent to show us what lies ahead and give us strength to complete the course of the fast, much like a mile marker in a race which tells you how far you have left to run. Take some time this week and write a few journal entries reflecting on the following topics: How far have I come in my spiritual life? How far do I still need to go? Like the Cross, what things can I carry with me to strengthen my journey?

This Week’s Sermonettes by Clergy

“Pick Up Your Cross”
Stephen Bithos – St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church (Oak Lawn, IL)

“Carrying Our Cross with Humility”
Fr. Chrysanthos Kerkeres – St. George Greek Orthodox Church (Chicago, IL)