About COVID-19 Parish Relief Fund

Our COVID-19 Parish Relief Fund has been established to leverage the reach of our Metropolis to raise funds to provide critical support to our parishes most significantly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully, many of our parishes have the resources to adapt swiftly to the limitations brought on by this pandemic, and are utilizing online giving, stewardship campaigns and other means to sustain their operations and ministries. For other parishes within our Metropolis, however, the restrictions have amplified their vulnerability, severely limiting their capacity to maintain operations and critical services. As we stand separate but united, the Parish Relief Fund will provide the financial means for us to share resources across the Metropolis and help our brothers and sisters in need.

Donations will be requested through a range of media to maximize outreach to those with the ability and desire to support our parishes. From the smallest one-time gift to more substantial ongoing support, all contributions to the COVID-19 Parish Relief Fund will go directly to the parishes in our Metropolis facing the greatest need. The Metropolis will provide updates on monies collected and distributed, and the Fund will be included in the annual independent audit of the Metropolis’ financial statements.

The Parish Relief Fund will be administered through the Metropolis. Parishes will be invited to submit requests for support by outlining current and anticipated revenue and expenses. In conjunction with providing parishes with immediate financial support from this Fund, the Metropolis is also committed to providing its parishes with longer-term structural assistance to help them cultivate more sustainable long-term support and implement stewardship best practices.



Or text message the word “GIVE" to (833) 980-2305.



April 2, 2020: Metropolis of Chicago Launches COVID-19 Parish Relief Fund