2023 Annual Impact Report


The Vision for Growth is an expression of what we want as a faith community as well as an understanding of a future that brings out the best in us and others. Through a multitude of conversations over the last two years, including in-depth interviews with several lay leaders, the Metropolis of Chicago formulated a long-term vision statement, what we call our Vision for Growth: 

“Unity in Christ cultivates relationships with family, friends, and neighbors—bearing fruit for vibrant communities and a flourishing Church.” 

Above all, our vision begins and is grounded in Christ. Through Christ, we are given the ability, language, and desire to share unconditional love with our family, friends, and neighbors. Relationships in Christ become the ties that bind in life, ones that directly and indirectly stabilize and strengthen our communities. When we see ourselves and others in this way, the Church grows in vigor and purpose, allowing us all to come closer to God.

To realize this end state, the Vision for Growth is supported by five core priorities:

Develop Clergy so they are servant-leaders who lead by example

Support Parishes to nourish the spiritual growth of the faithful 

Expand Philanthropy so our communities are centered by our churches

Increase Engagement with young adults, converts, and faith seekers and encourage them to embrace of our faith

Fuel Growth of parish life by eliminating debt and other liabilities that limit our potential impact 

In the pages that follow, you will have the opportunity to see the ways in which the Metropolis of Chicago has already begun to implement the core priorities of our Vision for Growth. 

The Metropolis of Chicago’s primary focus is to bring the Vision for Growth to life through ministries, programs, services, practices, and prayers throughout 2024 and beyond. If you wish to support the Vision for Growth in some way, please visit www.chicago.goarch.org/vision. 

“Unity in Christ cultivates relationships with family, friends, and neighbors—bearing fruit for vibrant communities and a flourishing Church” – Metropolis of Chicago Vision for Growth 

Help us accomplish our Vision and support the growth of our parishes, ministries, and philanthropic organizations. 

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