2023 Annual Impact Report

Project HOPE surpasses one million meals served to the poor and vulnerable of the Chicago area

— Yanni Sianis, Member of the Metropolis Council and Chair, Project Hope

Project HOPE first began to serve people in need in January 2020. At that time, no one could have imagined that a global pandemic would change the world as we knew it. Needless to say, the future became extremely uncertain for our mission to support and care for the poor and vulnerable. 

It is with faith in Christ and great gratitude that I can say Project HOPE has made a substantial impact since we first began. We were able to make a difference because we never forgot what we stand for and who we serve. As a result, we achieved a great milestone in November 2023: delivering one million meals to people in need across the Chicago area.

Project HOPE couldn’t have achieved this milestone on its own. It needed the compassionate giving, the selfless spirit, and the desire to always do better that exists deeply in our volunteers, partners, and supporters. It is only through them that Project HOPE can say that we operate efficiently, have expanded our reach, and truly make a difference in the lives of people we touch.  

Looking ahead, Project HOPE has big dreams. In 2024, we will join forces with the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services to support its Meals on Wheels program for eligible senior citizens. We will continue to partner with Rush University Medical Center to find new and creative ways to address the persistent problem of food deserts in Chicago. We also plan to do more with North Side Housing and Supportive Services, where we’ve already underwritten more than 3,000 nights of housing for homeless residents seeking safety, mental health counseling, addiction services, and job placement.

Project HOPE relies on people — we are extremely grateful for all the volunteers who have given their time, talents, and support towards  fulfilling our mission.  With additional support from the Annual Vision Campaign funds, there is no limit to what we can accomplish or the good that we can do. 

Images courtesy of Lex Alexander Photography and Yiannis Photography

By the end of December 2023,  Project HOPE has reached the following achievements: 

1,300,000 MEALSCompleted meal kits with shelf stable food items provided via boxes/bags

3,000 NIGHTS – Shelter provided through Northside Housing & Supportive Services

12,500 KITS – Winter accessories and other basic care necessities 

“Unity in Christ cultivates relationships with family, friends, and neighbors—bearing fruit for vibrant communities and a flourishing Church” – Metropolis of Chicago Vision for Growth 

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