Seed Fund


Parish Priest Letter of Support

 How to complete – Digital

1. Scroll down to the form and select “I am a Parish Priest and would like to complete the Letter of Support digitally.

2. Fill out the required questions and press “Submit”


How to complete – Upload a Letter 

1. Click the button “Download Letter of Support” below

2. You will be directed to a PDF version of the letter. Download and print this document

3. Complete the letter

4. In the form below, select, “I am uploading a scanned copy of the completed Parish Priest Letter of Support” and upload your letter

5. Complete your contact info and Press “Submit”  


Help Grow the Faith

The purpose of the Mustard Seed Fund is to test and scale promising new ministries and programs that inspire and motivate a new generation of Orthodox Christians to participate in the Church. Micro-grants will be awarded to Metropolis of Chicago clergy and stewards seeking to develop and implement new or existing parish-level initiatives that advance evangelism, welcoming, and outreach.

Please consider making a gift to the Metropolis of Chicago Annual Vision Campaign to help us grow the faith together.

To make a gift to the Mustard Seed Fund, go to