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The parish of St. Spyridon names Dr. John Revelis as its Servant Leadership Award Recipient. He is not only our Parish Council president, he is chairman of our annual three-day Greek Fest. He is a committed and totally devout Orthodox Christian leader of our parish, a family man, and a physician/surgeon who is dedicated to his profession as a healer. Dr. John is the hardest working Parish Council president I have ever worked with in my 48 years as a priest. He is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty, leading our parish in our various fundraisers. He is very generous in his stewardship, giving to not only our parish, but also to the Metropolis, the Archdiocese and to the Patriarchate. In closing, 150 words is not enough to describe what Dr. John does for Sheboygan at large, for the church, for his patients and for his family.

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