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Let no one think, my brother Christians, that it is the duty only of priests and monks to pray without ceasing, and not of laymen. No, no; it is the duty of all Christians to remain always in prayer…bear in mind the method of prayer – how it is possible to pray without ceasing, namely by praying in the mind. And this we can do always if we wish. For when we sit down to work with our hands, when we walk, when we eat, when we drink we can always pray mentally and practice this mental prayer – the true prayer pleasing to God…Blessed are those who acquire this heavenly habit, for by it they overcome every temptation.” – St. Gregory Palamas

This week, practice stillness and prayer in a simple and consistent way. Spend a few minutes in total silence to quiet your mind and soul, and then stand in front of your icons and pray the Jesus Prayer (“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner”). You can do this for a predetermined amount of time (5 minutes, for example) or by using a prayer rope a certain amount of times. The important thing is to do it consistently each day.

This Week’s Sermonettes by Clergy

Rev. Fr. Apostolos Georgiafentis – Assumption Greek Orthodox Church (Chicago, IL)

“Stillness of Our Mind, Body and Soul”
Rev. Dr. Ciprian Sas – Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church (Milwaukee, WI)