Sponsor the Junior Olympics

Sponsor the Junior Olympics

Each Memorial Day Weekend, over 1,700 Metropolis Youth and 2,000 Spectators from 6 States and over 35 Parishes come together in fellowship, fun, and Christian competition for one of the Chicago Metropolis’ largest events: the Junior Olympics. Over this weekend event, these members of our Orthodox Church compete amongst their fellow brothers & sisters in Christ in 9 team sports and over 40 individual events; developing their character and ethos in the Orthodox Tradition.

Our Church Fathers often described our spiritual life as similar to that of an athlete’s. In order to be the best we can, we must practice and many times we will struggle. But it is through this practice and struggle that we (and our faith) can strengthen in God. The Metropolis of Chicago’s Junior Olympics provides this lesson to its youth each year, a safe place to struggle and grow in our faith and relationships surrounded by peers, priests, family and friends to strengthen us as we grow in the Lord.

As one can expect, putting on an event of this scale is not easy. It takes time, effort, and resources from across the Metropolis to create this experience for our youth. But we believe the experiences had by our youth at the Jr. Olympics last a lifetime and keep them in the life of our Church.

This is why we are asking for your financial and volunteer support.

This year, we invite you to become a part of this youth ministry by being an event sponsor. All Junior Olympics support funds go towards enabling the event to take place. Do not hesitate to contact me at y2am@chicagometropolis.org for more information or directions on how to donate.

We thank you for your investment in the physical, social and spiritual development of the youth of this Metropolis and wish you all of God’s blessings.

In His service,

Fr. Kosmas Kallis
Director, Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministries