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The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago is proud to support and endorse the latest short film project undertaken by the Greek America Foundation called “No Man is an Island,” which will immortalize the story of one of the most historic and heroic acts during World War II.

The short film will tell the story of the rescue of the local Jewish community by the people of the Greek island of Zakynthos during the dark years of the Holocaust– when 35,000 Greek Orthodox Christian islanders risked their lives to shelter and save 275 Jews.

It is a unique survival story in all of Europe as the Zakynthos community is the only Jewish community that didn’t lose a single soul during the Holocaust. This righteous defiance was instigated by the island’s mayor, Loukas Carer and Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Zakynthos, who arranged for every single Jew to be hidden and sheltered.

According to His Grace Bishop Demetrios of Mokissos, Chancellor of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago and serving as a spiritual advisor to the production, “The message of the film is very clear: Coexistence, self-sacrifice, in the light of human need and in response to oppression. This is a story that must be told and we are proud to be a part of it.”

The Metropolis has made a donation to the project, which has already been supported by hundreds of people throughout the nation via a fundraising campaign that has raised more than $40,000 of the film’s $150,000 budget.

You can be a part of this historic effort! Please consider offering your support to the telling of this incredible story of the triumph of good over evil. Please follow this linkthis link to offer your financial support to the production of this film.