Metropolis of Chicago
Preferred Provider Program

The Preferred Provider Program helps the Metropolis of Chicago idenitfy qualified contractors and vendors to support its administrative and operating needs through contractual engagements.
Over the long-term, the Metropolis of Chicago hopes to establish ongoing relationships among high-quality professionals and create mutually beneficial partnerships as needs within arise.
Vendors may register as a Preferred Provider using the form below, or browse current contract opportunities on our job board »

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    What is the purpose of the Preferred Provider Program?
    The Preferred Provider Program helps the Metropolis of Chicago create ongoing relationships among qualified contractors and vendors to support the Metropolis’s administrative and operational needs when they arise. 
    Is this for full-time, part-time, or contractual work?
    Unless otherwise specified, work under the Preferred Provider Program would be within a contractual engagement between a qualified contractor or vendor and the Metropolis of Chicago. 
    What makes a contractor or vendor "qualified"?
    Once an interested individual completes the form on the Preferred Provider Program page, the Metropolis of Chicago will review the information, evaluate experience and credentials, and arrange an interview. When these steps are completed, the registrant will be added to the Metropolis of Chicago’s database as a qualified contractor or vendor and/or engaged contractually assuming a need exists.   
    What kind of contractors and vendors is the Metropolis of Chicago looking for?
    Needs change regularly but, in the past, the Metropolis of Chicago has engaged with florists, photographers, videographers, website designers, and social media managers, among others. 
    I registered on the site. Should I wait to be contacted?
    Yes, someone from the Metropolis of Chicago will reach out to you. Generally, when a specific task is posted on the Preferred Provider Program page, the Metropolis of Chicago is seeking to engage an outside contractor or vendor. 
    What if am not selected for a task that was posted to the page?
    Depending on needs that arise in the future and the availability of a contractor or vendor, the Metropolis of Chicago may reach out to you in the future.