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At the 2023 Clergy-Laity Assembly, after many conversations with clergy and lay leaders over the last five years, I unveiled the Vision for Growth for the Metropolis of Chicago. Put simply, our Vision for Growth is an expression of what we most desire and hope to achieve in the future as a faith community:

Unity in Christ cultivates relationships
with family, friends, and neighbors
bearing fruit for vibrant communities
and a flourishing Church.
The Vision for Growth has five core interconnected priorities:
1. Develop Clergy
2. Support Parishes 
3. Increase Engagement 
4. Expand Philanthropy
5. Fuel Growth. 
In many ways, we’ve already been working hard to realize these ends. Going forward, our Holy Metropolis will be defined by its pursuit of the Vision for Growth and all that it entails.
I’m excited about the Vision for Growth because I believe it gives us – the faithful of the Metropolis of Chicago – something worthy to reflect on and strive for. I hope you agree and consider supporting our Vision for Growth through a gift during this blessed season. 
As you look ahead to the new year and reflect on what you hold dear, please consider supporting the Metropolis of Chicago Annual Vision Campaign—for a brighter, better future for all people.
May God bless you with an abundance of heavenly and earthly gifts!
With paternal love in Christ,


Moved by the potential of our shared vision, two anonymous donors stepped forward at the Clergy-Laity Assembly to support and encourage others to join them in realizing this vision.
Each commitment of $50K will increase individual and parish gifts to the Annual Vision Campaign. When $100K in gifts are committed, we will receive $50K. Likewise, when the next $100K is committed, we will receive another $50K.
Resulting in $300K to support our efforts to realize our vision.