Fanari Camp Sponsorship 2024

Fanari Camp Sponsorship 2024 


Fanari Camp registration almost is upon us and we wanted to share an opportunity designed to improve the Fanari experience and also place Fanari on firm financial footing. 

The Metropolis of Chicago will be offering a $5,000 FOS Sponsorship opportunity for parents who believe in the value of the Fanari Camp and also desire a seamless, stress-free experience. A sponsorship carries the following benefits:

  • A guaranteed Fanari camp seat at a weekend of your choosing for one child.
  • Guaranteed seats at Fanari Fall Camp, and Fanari Winter Camp for one child.
  • Siblings from the same sponsoring household will be allowed priority registration to the Summer Fanari Session of their choice at the regular price. (non-transferable to family members outside of your household).
  • A quick, upfront, hassle-free registration process.
  • Preservation of the mission of Fanari to engage Orthodox Christian youth in an exciting, Christ-centered camp experience.

In offering this sponsorship, the Metropolis of Chicago wishes to earnestly address long-standing feedback we’ve received about the registration process, but also respond directly to an operating environment of rising costs (i.e., staff, facility use, and food) and diminished donations. 

Above all, our deep-seated desire is to make appropriate decisions that will preserve a special experience for young Orthodox Christians to grow closer with Christ for the long-term.