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Our very own Project HOPE was recently recognized and honored for the exceptional work the ministry has accomplished over the past three years. Many of the Parishes of The Greek Orthodox Metropolis have come together through Project HOPE the last three years to distribute over 950,000 meals to children, families and individuals living within the parishes of our Metropolis as well as members of our community who are striving to achieve food security and stable housing. This past month Project HOPE participated in the Annual Community Health Improvement Week through Rush University Medical Center.



“Dear Project HOPE,


Community Health Improvement (CHI) Week was created more than 12 years ago to honor individuals and organizations who come together and work tirelessly to improve the health of our communities. CHI Week events demonstrate the importance of community, powerful partnerships, and new solutions so that one day all people can live healthier and happier lives.


This year, we are happy to announce we will honor Project HOPE for continuously supporting our underserved communities through the power of food distributions in Garfield Park and working with your many parishes to ensure that we have shelf-stable and some perishable foods for our patients in the Food IS Medicine – Veggie RX Program. Project HOPE has truly demonstrated a sustainable commitment to our communities in need. It has been a blessing that you all have assisted in helping to make our food equity work seamlessly and have helped build our Food Pantry that we opened in May of 2022. West Garfield Park Community is one of the hardest hit food deserts in America. Through our partnership and your love, you helped feed 600 families for 6 weeks when there was no food in the immediate area. To date, Project HOPE has provided an incredible life-changing 74,000 pounds of food to those in need. On top of all this, our collaboration has also kept 100 food insecure students fed through our Community Engagement Program at Rush.”

Julia S. Bassett, MBA

Director of Community Health Equity and Engagement Rush University Medical Center