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On Monday, June 8, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Chicago and the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago made the following statement:

With great joy, we announce the beginning of a new day for Holy Trinity. With the bank’s agreement to release the claims against the parish, Holy Trinity’s bankruptcy petition is resolved. The parish’s bankruptcy proceedings now are closed and a painful chapter in the life of the parish and the Metropolis ends.

This day would not have been possible without the tireless and devoted work of the Interim Parish Council, generous charitable donors, numerous volunteers offering countless hours of pro-bono services, and the clergy of the Metropolis. We are forever grateful to these servant leaders who supported and guided the parish through its bleakest moments. We are also grateful to the 47 stewards of the parish, whose faith in the future of Holy Trinity remained steadfast throughout the parish’s struggles.

Though this moment calls for joy, it also requires resolve. The revitalization of Holy Trinity demands great work from its parishioners and from the faithful near and far. Foremost among its many priorities, Holy Trinity plans to accelerate its stewardship efforts and begin a search for a new parish home. In the meantime, the parish will remain under the pastoral and spiritual care of Fr. Chrysanthos Kerkeres, the Administrative Proistamenos, and Fr. Dean Photos, the Pastoral and Liturgical Proistamenos.

Today, Orthodox Christians around the world celebrate the Feast of the Holy Spirit. It is altogether appropriate that Holy Trinity’s new day coincides with the parish’s Name Day celebration. As we look to the future with gratitude, hope, and humility, we pray that the joy, gift and grace of the Holy Spirit will continue to guide the Holy Trinity parish.

Please visit the parish website and consider making a donation to the Holy Trinity Revitalization Fund.

About Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church was founded in 1897 and is one of the oldest Greek Orthodox churches in the Midwest. Temporarily offering services at its Holy Transfiguration Chapel in River Grove, continuing to serve the Greek Orthodox faithful on the Chicago’s northwest side. For more information, visit

About the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago

Tracing its roots back to 1923, the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago is the diocese of Greek Orthodox faithful in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, northern Indiana, and southeastern Missouri, consisting of 58 parishes and two monastic communities. The Metropolis is one of nine regions in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and is presided over by His Eminence Metropolitan Nathanael. The general offices of the Metropolis are temporarily located in Lombard, Illinois. For more information and to get involved,visit our website, join a Strategic Planning Team, sign up to receive Metropolis news and follow us on FacebookLinkedIn and YouTube.

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