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CHICAGO, IL: Wednesday, January 22, the forty-first anniversary of the Supreme Court’s controversial ruling in Roe v. Wade, was a busy day for Bishop Demetrios of Mokissos, Chancellor of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago. The Chancellor, a past President of the Illinois Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty in the State of Illinois, is well-known to national religious leaders as vigorous advocate for the sanctity of all life. On this day he would proclaim his Church’s opposition to voluntary abortion and the termination of preborn life.

He began the day travelling to Washington, D.C.’s National Mall, representing Greek Orthodox Archbishop Demetrios of America, where he offered an invocation at the National March for Life Rally. Here he was joined for the prayer by six other bishops and Orthodox Christian faithful from around the nation among the many thousands present for the annual March for Life. It is one of the largest annual marches in our nation’s capitol that has been routinely ignored by major media outlets. After praying with the marchers, the bishop returned to Illinois in the afternoon.

Upon his return to Chicago, he immediately departed for Champaign, IL, where he was scheduled as the main speaker at the “Community Ecumenical Memorial Prayer Vigil” hosted by the Three Hierarchs Greek Orthodox Church, and where seven additional Christian communities—Roman Catholic and Protestant—were represented. His address to those gathered, “Conceptions of Life,” highlighted that only in the love of neighbor can the scourge of abortion on demand be countered in our nation.

At the conclusion of a long day, the bishop reflected: “It is inspiring to see that, after four decades and counting of legalized infanticide, the March for Life was joined by so many young women and men from all across our nation, and there are those who feel deeply that we must protect all human life, from the preborn to those on death row and everywhere in between as we prayed in our memorial vigil. Though this battle will not be complete until we repeal certain laws and reverse court rulings, abolishing abortion on demand as well as capital punishment, we are advancing in our fight for hearts and minds. Virtuous hearts will always win the day.”

Following the March in DC, his Grace Bishop Demetrios was interviewed by Sheila Liaugminas from Relevant Radio. The 10 minute interview discusses his reflections on his participation in the 2014 March, the Orthodox Church’s inviolable commitment to all life, and his hopes for the future when life will be respected and defended everywhere.

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