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Through faith, stewardship, and love, Annette McDermott is a wonderful servant leader to the parish of Saint Anthony, the Metropolis of Chicago, and to Orthodox Christianity in general. Annette serves as a model steward of the parish, attending liturgies both at home and when she travels. She sings with the congregation and the choir, and has been a reader of the Epistle. Previously, Annette served on the Parish Council, both as member and as president, and chaired two large fundraisers. She is a Philoptochos member; an offeror of Fellowship Gatherings; the chair of Greek Fries and Saganaki for the parish festival; a project coordinator for the Parish Resource Center; and provides meals to ill parish members. She spearheads the parish’s Right To Life Movement. She also shows leadership through her financial stewardship to the parish. After years of caring for her parents, Annette honored their memory by donating to the parish “access” for those who are physically unable.

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