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Hristos Kirgios has been the personification of a true Greek Orthodox steward at Saint Andrew for the past 19 years. He has served as Parish Council president, treasurer and secretary, and as director and instructor of the parish’s Greek School. He is also a cantor, the high school Sunday School teacher, and a member of the adult Hellenic Dance Troupe. This devout Orthodox man places enormous emphasis on selfless service to his church and fellow parishioners. Father George Konstantopoulos refers to Hristo as “Superman.” Parish Council President Christ Kurtis notes that Hristo never says no when asked to help with parish projects. He is a generous donor to the church philanthropy fund and a key benefactor of Saint Andrew. He is also a very devoted husband and father to his two girls, and their furry family member Luna. Hristo truly exemplifies devotion to God, the church, friends and family at Saint Andrew.

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